Best Nutrients for Cannabis

Growing marijuana at home is really easy and can save you money and ensures you are getting the best quality cannabis. I'd recommend you use LED Grow Lights and grow tents to regulate your growing environment. Its easier to grow in soil for beginners while hydroponically gives you the most control.  Either way, you will need to provide the correct nutrients for the stage of growth. Cannabis nutrients comes in different variations depending on your growing medium.

As Canada announces that growing marijuana at home for recreational users will be legalized as of July 2018 and many States have already allowed growing of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes, the time has come for growing cannabis at home. 

Over the last couple of years I've tried many different brands of nutrients and found these to be the best cannabis nutrients.

Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients has developed and refined the ultimate 3-part nutrients formula. The Grow, Micro, Bloom combo pack gives you everything you need to provide your plants with the optimal nutrients for each stage of growth.

If you want to achieve the fastest growth and higher yields per watt, choose Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro, Bloom.​

  • Promotes healthy plants and fastest growth possible
  • Pharmaceutical grade precursors
  • More chelates per micronutrient than other manufacturers
  • Nutrient absorption from a broader pH spectrum
  • Concentrated, less-expensive formula
  • Easy to use

For an added boost you can add Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy or Big Bud during the flowering stage to get even better results.

Fox Farms Nutrients

Fox Farms has developed a three part liquid nutrients formula for soil and hydroponics. The right juice tailored to your growing medium. 

Start with Grow Big for lush green ​growth. Switch over to Tiger Bloom during your flowering stage to enhance bud growth. Big Bloom can be used throughout all stages to build a well developed root system, the foundation to every plant.

  • Developed for soil and hydroponic systems
  • Concentrated forumla
  • Easy to use
General Organics Go Box

General Organics Go Box is a complete hydroponic nutrient system that included everything you will need to grow the most potent weed. These formulas were specifically developed for marijuana.

Each Go Box comes with pint bottles of BioThrive Grow and Bloom plus 8-ounce samples of each Go liquid nutrient like CaMg+, BioWeed, BioBud, BioMarine, and Diamond Black.​

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy Fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy Fertilizer protects your seedling or clones during the first stage of growth. It can also be combined with other nutrients during the 6 weeks of flowering for higher potency and yields.

​Sweeter and the biggest buds with sticky resin filled glands are a result. I find the taste and aroma to be incredible by just adding Bud Candy during the first 6 weeks of flowering.

  • Finer taste and aroma
  • Increased Potency
  • Easy to use

For the ultimate buds I recommend you add Bud Candy & Big Buds during the flowering stage. ​

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Big Bug Fertilizer can be used in combination with your other nutrients during the flowering stage.  Developed to be added from the second week to the forth week of flowering.

The Big Bud formula by Advanced Nutrients contains potassium, amino acids and phosphorous to give you highest yields.​

  • Larger, Heavier, denser buds
  • Buds with more essential oils, aromatics, terpenoids, phenols and other potency factors
  • Measurable, significant increases in overall harvest weight
  • Easy to use

92% of all growers use Big Bud Fertilizer during the flowering stage.  This should tell you something.

Advanced Nutrients B-52 Fertilizer Booster

Advanced Nutrients B-52 Fertilizer Booster is packed with all the essential B vitamins to enhance root growth and speed up seed germination.  It can use in soil and hydroponic gardens.

The B-52 formula contains kelp and seaweed extracts. These extracts contain a variety of compounds, that increase cell replication and stimulate roots and stems.​

The B-52 formula by Advanced Nutrients contains all the B vitamins essential for strong root systems.​

  • Folic Acid helps plants maintain healthy metabolism and DNA
  • Vitamin B5 is essential for fundamental cellular processes
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) helps your plants use and create carbohydrates so your plants have enough energy to build strong vegetative growth and to power production of flowers
  • Increased in bud weight and potency as much as 31%
  • Easy to use

92% of all growers use Big Bud Fertilizer during the flowering stage.  This should tell you something.

Nutrients for Weed

Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies

​Nitrogen (N)

Nitrogen is required for all stages of growth but need more during the vegetative stage of growth. It is used in plant cells for the building blocks enzymes, protein and the green chlorophyll pigment. Chlorophyll is critical for plant growth, converting sunlight into energy in the form of carbohydrates and sugars.

Nitrogen Deficiency Signs

  • Stunted Growth, slower than expected
  • Yellowing of leaves, older leaves affected first
  • Purplish tints on the stems and underside of leaves
Phosphorus (P)

Phosphorus is important in energy transfer and storage in the plant. Without Phosphorus your plant will not be able to use the Nitrogen provided.

Phosphorus Deficiency Signs

  • Slow or stunted growth
  • Smaller leaves with blotchy spots​
  • Reddish or purple leaf stems
  • Older leaves turn dark colours and curl downwards
Potassium (K)

Potassium is required for water uptake, flowering and cell wall development. Potassium keeps the sap stream and water flowing freely throughout the plant. It also helps plant resist environmental stresses, diseases and insects.​

Potassium Deficiency Signs

  • Older leaves turning dull, yellowing and eventually developing rust coloured spots​
  • Weak and brittle stems
  • Leaf edges look burnt, curled up leaves
Sulfur (S)

Sulfur aids in the production of essential amino acids, proteins and vitamins for chlorophyll production. It also plays a role in plant resistance of environmental stresses, diseases and pests.

​Sulfur Deficiency Signs

  • Yellowing of all leaves
  • Buds dying off
  • Stiff and brittle leaves before falling off​
Calcium (Ca)

Calcium builds strong cell walls and healthy root systems.​ Using too much Potassium can cause a deficiency in calcium, particularly if your soil has a low pH.

Calcium Deficiency Signs

  • Mottling or spotting of the leaf surface​
  • Crinkling of leaves, curled tips
  • Stunted growth and smaller or deformed new leaves
Magnesium (Mg)

​Magnesium is needed to move phosphorus around the plant and is important component in chlorophyll.

Magnesium Deficiency Signs

  • Yellowish or light green colouring of the veins and edges of older leaves​
  • Brittle leaves
Trace Nutrients

These are required in trace amounts. Should be considered when selecting nutrients for growing weed.

  • Molybdenum (Mo): Involved in nitrogen metabolism
  • Copper (Cu): Needed to produce chlorophyll and for plant respiration
  • Zinc (Zn): Associated with chlorophyll production and protein synthesis​
  • Manganese (Mn): Involved in growth, germination and new tissue production
  • Iron (Fe): Helps carry oxygen around plant cells and involved in chlorophyll production
  • Boron (B): Moves sugars around the plant and is involved in the uptake of calcium

The important thing to remember with all these nutrients is that they work together.

Often over or under feeding of a particular nutrient will cause the plant to block other nutrients from being uptake.  A well balanced nutrient developed for growing cannabis will ensure you get the most out of your indoor marijuana garden.

The best nutrients for cannabis is a personal choice amongst growers. You will find every grower has a personal favourite. I hope I've been able to help you with your choice.


Hey I'm Dennis, Thanks for stopping by. I'm a Horticultural Expert in growing marijuana indoors and hydroponics. I will be sharing my expertise in growing marijuana with LED Grow lights.

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